CEP service CEP service

Faced with many legal requirements, for example, the “General Conditions for German Haulage Contractors”, CEP (Courier, Express and Parcel) service providers are expected to be of extremely high quality. You and your customers value punctuality, security, reliability and quality.

You’ll need a simple, flexible and efficient transport solution to continue to meet the supply needs of your customers punctually and with no fuss. Our shelving expansion system for vans is a tried and tested, value-added solution. The foldable shelves demonstrate this, making maximum and flexible use of space. Unload much more quickly thanks to direct entrance from the driver’s cab to the cargo space via a sliding door. Our shelving system is available for different vehicle types and also as a retrofit solution. Such a retrofit solution can be implemented later and does not need to be set up by the factory beforehand.

We offer you a transport solution to match your requirements. A solution which promises the highest quality, security, flexibility and reliability. On a daily basis, we meet today’s high standards, give your customers the best possible service and are always one idea ahead of the competition.


The Benefits for You

  • High load capacity of 80kg per running meter
  • Direct entrance from driver’s cab to the cargo space
  • Maximum and flexible use of space
  • Ergonomic and secure entry and exit via a spring-loaded rear door step
  • Reduction of damage at the back via a spring-loaded rear door step
  • Long service life